Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leashed by Narrow Mindedness

This leash you keep around my neck is way too tight
I am not the clean cut person you would like
Trying new things is something I must do
Finding myself is all I need
You don't understand the pain of not knowing who you are
Always struggling to find who I am inside
You seem so narrow minded
In this age you need to broaden your spectrum
More things are expectable now then when you were a kid
You say if I rebel, I will get kicked out of the house
I take that as a big threat as if you don't love me
Even though I know you do
But why do you use threats


Anonymous said...

dude thats just like my mum XD

Medic_DigDug said...

tucker thats like my parents all the time. this is a good one josh and the thing is does any one truly find out who they are or just copy some one else

Brendon said...

I hate parents too.... I fucking hate them and their stupidity at times... they keep telling me they know what I'm going through... BullShit!!!

Very nice poem though...

Anonymous said...

Of course they know what you're going thru you moron. You think you and your problems are unique? You think you're special? Grow a pair.