Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cries in Disguise

These tears that fall from my eyes
Are cries for help in disguise
They roll down these cheeks
And I count the weeks
The weeks that go by without help
Help which is desperately needed


Medic_DigDug said...

we all need help on the inside we all need some one to care and to love and to always be there to care

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you are amazing! i had to look twice to make sure a guy wrote this! i feel the same way. ur a good writer

Anonymous said...

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SnaggleTooth! said...

I wrote this and your poem reminded me of it. well here it is. hope you like it!

My Tears and Loneliness
stepping into my room at night
Being the silent one of the dark
I realize how lonely and sad I always am
I cry about it wondering
Who would see my tears
All the time I think about it
And always hoping and wishing
That someday there will
Be someone in this world
Hoping they will see my tears and my loneliness
And will take those tears
And turn them to laughter
But always just hoping that
Someday I will wake up from
My scariest nightmare...
... loneliness

Zya said...

your poems are amazing!