Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broken Heart Shattered Mirror

The shattered mirror I gaze into
Reflects the broken image of my self-worth
The blood dripping from my hand
Reflects the feelings built up inside
The feelings of anger and remorse

I was pushed to the limit
Past my breaking point
When I wasn’t left alone
This is what happens

The shattered mirror cannot be pieced together
Just like my heart can never fully heal

Ghost of a Former Self

A ghost of a former self
Has come back to haunt me
This hurt I have suffered
Has made me aware
Aware that what we had wasn’t healthy

This wasn’t even a relationship
Just a summer fling of two teens
Who barely even knew each other
Who thought they were in love
But what is love?
A quick fling in the woods?
No it’s getting to know each other
And spending time together

What we had was not real
So lets not pretend it is