Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tear Open My Soul

Everyday is a constant struggle
My will against this flesh I’m consumed in
Everyday is harder, yet easier at the same time

But you don’t help
These accusations of false assumptions
They tear at my soul
Each one leaving an open gash
Like an eagle’s claw tearing
Into the flesh of its prey

I’m crying
These tears are the blood from my soul
Falling all around me
Soaking everything with these salty tears

The Burning

This cut that burns
Has brought back the thoughts
But not just the thoughts
The yearning like a calling in your mind
Asking…no begging for you to indulge
But to indulge is to regress
And that is failure
Failure is something I will not accept
I will not go back
To the ghost of my former self
For that ghost is nothing to me
Nothing but a distant memory fading away
I want it to be NOTHING more