Friday, December 21, 2007

Not a One-Time Use Item

You use me when you need me
Then you throw me to the side
Like an obsolete used up tissue
I served my purpose
And now that you used me
I am disposable like a used condom
Well let me tell you something
I deserve to be treated better
Treated like I matter
So I am leaving and I won’t be coming back
I am done waiting hoping your realize
The treasure you are holding in your hands
So I break away in search of the lover who will hold me close
And treat me like a diamond, a priceless treasure
Because that is what I really am

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Shadows Prison

Standing in the shadow of my true potential
Looking up and seeing
What I really could be
No matter where I move
I always have that constant reminder
That I’m not who I could be
This shadow is like a prison
With no walls and no bars
The pressure of your expectations
Are crushing me
Driving me deeper and deeper into the ground

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Black Hole of My Soul

My soul is a black hole of death
No light is ever seen
All life is sucked in and never seen again
So why don't you back away
So you don’t get sucked in
Just leave me alone
So I can save your soul

Bloom of Your Love

You send Your glory down like rain
You let Your love fall like snow
And like Your earth I suck it all in
Like Your plants I take Your glory and love
I use it to grow and I flourish and I bloom
And I spread your love like the beauty of the flowers

Friday, December 14, 2007

Once Broken Heart

You grab your dagger and I’ll grab my heart
And when we collide
We can sit together
And witness this heart’s last beat
And when the beat h has expired
You can weep this loss you just gained
I drift into the dark empty abyss of my eternal loneliness
As I spend eternity alone I start to realize that
This choice that I made was the worst one yet
Then I feel this pull that grabs the pieces of my broken heart
And molds them back into this heart of happiness and joy
And my first breath of air
Brings the life back into my once broken body
This second chance I was granted
Will be used for Your glory
As you are the one that mended my once broken heart

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tight Places

You can’t ever know
You won’t understand how I feel
When I act like this you think I am being selfish
So I just want to tell you
I am not trying to be selfish
I just have bad memories of tight places
And every time I am in one
I remember that that memory
And I start to panic

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flying Without a Care

Cast your cares to the side
Bring your struggles to God
He will lift you up
And take your cares away
Once you let God take them away
You feel lighter that air
Like you can fly

My Bleak Existence

This stone cold heart beating in my chest
No emotions no sensations
Dull bleak survival living just to exist
My feeling are gone the sensations with them
I feel nothing I taste little
Never really happy
Always looking for that one thing that makes me feel alive
All I ask is for a glimpse of true happiness
Maybe then I can find a reason to live

Cries in Disguise

These tears that fall from my eyes
Are cries for help in disguise
They roll down these cheeks
And I count the weeks
The weeks that go by without help
Help which is desperately needed

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Windows to My Soul

The eyes are windows to the soul
So it is said
But what happens when someone
Is hiding their true self
Will the eyes betray the body
And portray the soul.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leashed by Narrow Mindedness

This leash you keep around my neck is way too tight
I am not the clean cut person you would like
Trying new things is something I must do
Finding myself is all I need
You don't understand the pain of not knowing who you are
Always struggling to find who I am inside
You seem so narrow minded
In this age you need to broaden your spectrum
More things are expectable now then when you were a kid
You say if I rebel, I will get kicked out of the house
I take that as a big threat as if you don't love me
Even though I know you do
But why do you use threats