Monday, November 26, 2007

Tribute to the Persecuted Gays

For what manner of fate hath brought us together
For which thine perfect love will last forever
Only for you does my heart truly yern
We both know that thine heart only wisheth to be with mine
For we must not deny what our two hearts really desire.
Why must our love be strictly forbidden?
For two such as us have the same feelings of love
As you and your true love
Just because we be two men
Does not mean we cannot experience the truest of love

Withering Heart Trailing Sorrows

When u walk away from me
My heart dies a little more inside
This withering heart cant take much more pain
To much more and it will break
Pain and sorrow seem to follow me
Suffering and Grief don't trail to far behind

Friday, November 23, 2007


My empty soul inside this body yearning for more
Always coming so close only to cut myself right back down
Trusting is so hard always afraid I will be hurt again
The chains of the devil clamped around my neck
Holding me back pulling me back into the pit of death
Nothing can break these chains not the hottest fire or the strongest axe
Only the power of my savior can break the links

Repercussions of My Sadness

Screaming to show my pain
The pain inside driving me over the edge
These tears I cry drain my pain
A million tears falling
This pool a repercussion of my sadness
These fits of tears cutting out chunks of my life
Drowning in tears of sorrow
Will this salty pool be my death bed?

My Version of Heaven

When I die your love will Take me to a place of eternal peace A place were fighting and yelling don't exist A place where people don't ridicule each other To a place where demons and evil spirits are banned And the love of God is radiated like the heat or the sun Eternal joy were there are no whispers from the devil or his demons Telling you you’re never going to match up to the worlds standards A place where there are no death threats whispered into your ears

Monday, November 19, 2007


Demons like dark black evil vultures
Always circling their prey
Waiting for it to mess up
So they can dive down
And grab a hold of
The fallen victim and control their lives
Making them do things they would never do
Unthinkable things
Attacking their prey with
Their razor sharp claws
Slashing and tearing at the very soul of someone
Discouraging and hurting their feeling
Whispering in your ear words of lies and deceit
Trying to make us doubt, to make us trip and stumble
So they can swoop in and lie to us
Giving us a false hope and a sense of security
All the while they are ruining out lives and destroying our faith.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Angels with wings
Wings like shinning silver
Wrapping around us
Protecting us without us even knowing
Wings like giant silky blankets
Thrusting them into the air
Letting them hover above us
Protecting us like a mother protects her young
Their eyes like sparkling white pearls
Watching everything, missing nothing

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Deathly Burglar

Death is Sudden
And usually very unfair
Death is like a burglar
Stealing life right out
From under your nose
Death is quiet but very subtle
You may never see it coming
And you may never see it
While it is there
But when it is gone
You will definitely
Know it was there.

Turning Away

Now you turn your back
On Him but He will

Never leave your side
Why aren’t you listening to someone
Who is trying to save your life
And will always care
When you are ready to give up
Just turn toward God
And He will set you free
He will take away
These thoughts of suicide
And lift you up and put you
Back on your feet

Monday, November 12, 2007


What is real
What is true
What will come next
Listen hard

And you might hear
That sound
The sound of feet
Feet stomping
Feet running
Toward one thing

Some don't even know
Why they are running
They are just running toward the pull
The pull that drives there life
But most know that pull
Is the pull of the Most High
The Creator
His love drives us toward Him

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ways to End It

Throwing up
Drugged almost to death
Is this really how I want to go?

Passing out
Rope around my neck
Strangling me
I need air

Water in my lungs
Struggling to breath
Needing air
When there is none there

Are these really ways to go
Do I really want to be known?
For my abrupt exit

I know my live has something in store
And I must like to find out what
Because I have people who care about me
And they would be broken to pieces
If I killed myself

Why Am I Here

Why am I here

Why won’t you let me disappear?

This feeling inside

I’m afraid will never subside

It’s taking over

Why do I want my life to be over?

I am so confused

And I feel so abused

Then I turn and look

To the one who made me?

And he takes away my pain

He sets me free

And now I will always be

His forever

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who Am I

The sun is shining
But i don't feel its heat
My true feeling are always hiding
I need to find them
So I can cope
Do I want to know
What I really feel
I am really scared
But I know I must face them
So I can help myself
And find out what is really bothering me
If I know
I am that much closer to finally having peace

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Block

Blocking my thoughts
Hiding my feelings
Denying my self
What I'm really feeling

I don't know why i do it
I don't even like it
It's really unfair
Just makes me want to pull out my hair

Block it all out so
I don't hear it
Knock me out so i don't feel it at all

Now I'm awake
What happened
What did u say
Would i like it
Racking my brain
I don't remember
Stop asking me questions
Cause I don't remember at all