Friday, December 21, 2007

Not a One-Time Use Item

You use me when you need me
Then you throw me to the side
Like an obsolete used up tissue
I served my purpose
And now that you used me
I am disposable like a used condom
Well let me tell you something
I deserve to be treated better
Treated like I matter
So I am leaving and I won’t be coming back
I am done waiting hoping your realize
The treasure you are holding in your hands
So I break away in search of the lover who will hold me close
And treat me like a diamond, a priceless treasure
Because that is what I really am


Anonymous said...

Lol, dude. The condom part made me laugh. xD

Medic_DigDug said...

yea josh you me and drew are kinda like that our parents just use us when they need us and when we are not needed we just get shoved aside until summoned again to be used

Anonymous said...

This is the best I think.

Anonymous said...

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