Monday, November 26, 2007

Tribute to the Persecuted Gays

For what manner of fate hath brought us together
For which thine perfect love will last forever
Only for you does my heart truly yern
We both know that thine heart only wisheth to be with mine
For we must not deny what our two hearts really desire.
Why must our love be strictly forbidden?
For two such as us have the same feelings of love
As you and your true love
Just because we be two men
Does not mean we cannot experience the truest of love


Anonymous said...

what i like about this one is that you used old english style of writing
- Jared

AEL said...

OK that last post is a little, and I mean little, disturbing.

It messes with my mind in ways I don't want to GO.
The horror, the sin I don't even think I want to KNOW.

If it were legal in gods eyes I can't imagine how that could BE.
The idea of a 2 man marriage just wants me make me want to climb a TREE.

It is a possibility that is be coming a reality, a real, and OK
but Personally--- now this is just my opinion--- I hope it will all go AWAY.

Brendon said...

Don't be so closed minded Ael... people are allowed to have the "Pursuit of Happiness" as listed in the Constitution. All this bullshit against them is for all the dumbasses not noticing that the government can't do shit. Separation of church and State... yet people still bring their ethics from their religion and politicians are bullshit anyways. They all need to die.

Anonymous said...

What I like is that you feel the need to use CAPS everytime you make a rhyme... we get it...