Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Burden of Falseness

(Read the poem then read the underlined bolded words for a summary)

I feel fake
Like I am lying to everyone
This secret is burning
Inside me

How I wish I could share
What is on my heart

But no
It is my burden to bear
You won’t understand


CyanideChemotheropy said...

Awww, i feel bad for you.
Hopefully one day you will be able to reveal your secret and if theyre true friends they can accept it and move on.

Kayla said...

You can always talk to me. ALWAYS. I am always here for you. If you want advice from what you tell me, you can. If you don't want that; if you just want an ear to listen then just hold you and let you cry I can be that. I love you as a friend and I always will. I won't judge you. You never have to bear a burden alone. I will always be here for you to talk to, as your best friend <3

Anonymous said...

yes josh these lies we tell are also to save others from feeling the same as we do