Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wondering the Wonderland

When you wander around
the land of wonder in your mind
Never stop to look behind
For the wonder you see today
Is a dark shadow tomorrow

But wander wondrous one
Around the corners of your mind
For around every corner
You could find yourself in a…

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broken Heart Shattered Mirror

The shattered mirror I gaze into
Reflects the broken image of my self-worth
The blood dripping from my hand
Reflects the feelings built up inside
The feelings of anger and remorse

I was pushed to the limit
Past my breaking point
When I wasn’t left alone
This is what happens

The shattered mirror cannot be pieced together
Just like my heart can never fully heal

Ghost of a Former Self

A ghost of a former self
Has come back to haunt me
This hurt I have suffered
Has made me aware
Aware that what we had wasn’t healthy

This wasn’t even a relationship
Just a summer fling of two teens
Who barely even knew each other
Who thought they were in love
But what is love?
A quick fling in the woods?
No it’s getting to know each other
And spending time together

What we had was not real
So lets not pretend it is

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wasted Tears

These are wasted tears
That I cry for you
You yell at me and I yell back
We start this fight
It’s hard to stop

You make me feel like a lying whore
So I cry for you
But it is just a waste

So I say to myself
“I’ll cry for me, but NEVER for you”
These tears I cry
Because of the way you make me feel
Have all run dry

So good bye to tears
Good bye to feelings
When you yell at me I’ll go numb
I’ll shed no tears
And show no feelings

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tear Open My Soul

Everyday is a constant struggle
My will against this flesh I’m consumed in
Everyday is harder, yet easier at the same time

But you don’t help
These accusations of false assumptions
They tear at my soul
Each one leaving an open gash
Like an eagle’s claw tearing
Into the flesh of its prey

I’m crying
These tears are the blood from my soul
Falling all around me
Soaking everything with these salty tears

The Burning

This cut that burns
Has brought back the thoughts
But not just the thoughts
The yearning like a calling in your mind
Asking…no begging for you to indulge
But to indulge is to regress
And that is failure
Failure is something I will not accept
I will not go back
To the ghost of my former self
For that ghost is nothing to me
Nothing but a distant memory fading away
I want it to be NOTHING more

Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Are

You are the calm
In the storm of my heart
You are the candle
In the darkness of my heart

Cause You are my every thing
The one thing that completes me
For this storm raging in my heart
Is only here when I am far from You

So I draw close to You
You calm the storm
And light up my heart

For You are in me
From the smile on my face
To the twinkle in my eye

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Am...

I am a sun
Happy and beautiful
I am a rainbow
Full of colors and joy
I am a dark rain cloud
Dark and mysterious
I am the fear within you
Fake and fleeting
I am...what I am

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Change Me Forever by Josh Ziner

I want, oh Lord
I want to live my life for you, oh God
For you oh God are the one I love
And the one I live for

Come into my life and change my heart
Make it Yours, and change me Lord
I want You in my life
Oh I want You in my life forever

For I was lost and You found me
I was bound and You set me free
Cause You are my Savior
The one I live for

Come into my life and change my heart
Make it Yours, and change me Lord
I want You in my life
Oh I want You in my life forever

I need You now more than ever
Come into my life and change me forever

Love Sick Ghost

I need to let you go
You know who you are
We stopped talking
But your face is like a love sick ghost
Haunting a lover
Wishing to hold them again
Watching and following them
Everywhere they go

Please let me go from your mind too
It will help me get over you
I need to heal and if I do
Hopefully I will no longer think of you